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COD Blackops Hack NEW FOR(XBOX,PC,PS3)
[ · Download from mirror () ] 2011-02-23, 6:23 PM


- All ESP colors are customizable
- Name
- Distance
- Pose
- Skeleton (Can also be set to display a smiley face on all players)
- Weapon
- BoundingBox ( 2D, 3D )
- Line (Draws a line from the middle/bottom of the screen to all players)
- AimDirection (Draws a line from the player to the point where the player is aiming at)
- HeadDot
- See Dropped Weapons
- Helicopter (With teamcheck)
- Planes (With teamcheck)
- Sentries (With teamcheck)
- RCXD (With teamcheck)
- Dogs (With teamcheck)
- Explosives (With teamcheck)
- Explosive warning (Displays a warning when the grenade is within 40 game units)
- Enemy warning (Displays a warning when a player is aiming at you)
- 2D Radar (Displays a radar on the screen (Which can be dragged around with the mouse)
- Ability to ignore all friendly players

- Autobot (Automatically aims when a player can be hit or is visible)
- AimThru (Aim via Crosshair, Distance, Visibility or Automatically)
- AimAt (Choose at what bone the aimbot aims. Options are head, neck or spine)
- AimKey (Set a custom aimkey)
- Visibility Check
- BoneScan (Scans players for bones and checks if they're visible / can be hit)
- Knifebot (Automatically knives when a target becomes within a range of 10 game units)
- AutoSwitch (Automatically switches target when the current target isn't alive anymore or is invalid)
- Autoshoot (Automatically shoots when the aimbot has a target. Can be set to always autoshoot, when visible or when the target can be hit)
- AutoWall (Calculates if a player can be hit through walls)
- AutoZoom (Automatically zooms in when the aimbot has a target)
- AutoProne (Automatically prones when you take damage)
- Field Of View (Only lets the aimbot aim when a target is within your field of view (0 - 360 degrees)
- Human Aim (Let the aimbot aim slower to make it look more legit)
- Aim Speed (0 - 1.5)
- Ping Correction (Corrects the aimbot when the ping is high (0 - 10)
- A

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have this hack.nice hack with easy manual

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